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Why Is The VW Transporter So Popular?

Published on 8th Nov 2020

Whether it stems from the enduring and iconic VW Camper Van, or its reputation for quality and practicality, the VW Transporter remains a firm favourite of tradesmen, professionals, families and surfers! Stylish, adaptable and endlessly customisable, the Transporter is one the UK's most popular vehicles. 

VW Transporter Popular

Whether you're a sole trader, tradesman, or a larger business that runs a fleet of vans, it is vital you choose the right vehicle for your industry. As well as being a practical and spacious load carrier, the VW Transporter is available in multiple sizes as a van and offers a variety of interior and exterior body styles.

The options are endless and allows you to tailor the vehicle to suit your lifestyle or business needs. Whether you're a professional or tradesperson, the Transporter can morph from reliable weekday workhorse to stylish weekend cruiser.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Volkswagen Transporter is one of the only vehicles that combines plenty of space and durability with a stylish interior and comfortable car-like driving experience. 

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Volkswagen's panel van version of the Transporter is perhaps the most common model on the road, but there are a plethora of other models including the crew cab, chassis cab, double chassis cab, a Shuttle minibus and California Campervan.

Each model lives up to the strong VW reputation for great build quality and affords some of the best residual values in the UK. While more expensive than most vans, the Transporter proves a shrewd financial choice in the long run.

Indeed, it is this strength in its residual value, due to the popularity of the van in the used market, that means the Transporter retains far greater value than many other comparable models.

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