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What To Consider When Choosing A Van For Your Business

Published on 5th May 2020

Choosing the right van for your business is an important decision.

Your work van is one of the most important investments you can make in your business. A reliable van will increase your productivity while decreasing long-term costs.

Before committing to choosing a van, and how you will finance it, you should consider the following questions to understand which van will best suit your business - now, and in the future.

Budget: New Vs Used?

Choosing A Van For Your Business

Can you afford a new van or do you assume that you'll need to purchase a used vehicle?

While new vans and cars can appear to be the more costly investment, that isn't necessarily the case - in the immediate or long-term. You should take into account the upfront purchase price / deposit and any ongoing monthly payments - but you should also consider running costs and maintenance over the entire course of ownership. 

There are multiple financial options that make adding a new van to your business an affordable, productive and reliable choice. 

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How Much Space Do You Need?

The majority of vans are used to transport tools, people and cargo, with the additional space and capacity being the obvious advantage over using cars.

When deciding which size of van you need, you should consider the max payload you will be transporting and how much space that will take up so you know what load size is suitable.

It is also wise to consider how your business may evolve and if extra load requirements may be needed in the future.

An overloaded van is an unsafe vehicle that could land you with a heavy penalty. 

How Many People Will Be Transported?

This seems an obvious question, but will your requirements today still be the same two years down the road?

If you'll only ever need to transport yourself and a single passenger, then it is obviously not an important consideration. 

But if your business might evolve in the future to a point where it would be economical for a team to travel together, then you may need to choose something like a crew cab. 

With some vans, you'll have the option of removing unused seats if additional load space becomes a requirement.

What Access Do You Require?

Will you be making frequent drop-offs of goods?

Will you be parking in various spaces in towns or city centres?

If so then sliding doors - single or twin - will make your life much easier and more productive. There is little more frustrating than parking in a tight space and not having the room to open the rear doors!

Frequent town and city stops may also influence the size of van you choose; smaller vans being easier to drive through congestion and narrow routes. Also consider the height of your van if you're likely to need access to multi-storey parking. 

Still undecided?

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