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What Is Short Term Van Leasing?

Published on 9th Aug 2020

We have always offered a variety of short term van lease deals to our business clients. And now, more than ever, we're finding a much increased demand for this type of flexible lease arrangement.

But what is a short term lease?

And why might you choose a shorter lease contract over a longer term arrangement?

Short Term Van Leasing

Short Term Business Van Leasing 

Our short term lease arrangements are generally 6-24 months in duration as opposed to a standard lease contract of 36-60 months.

There may be various reasons that a short term lease will suit you and your business better than standard lease terms.

Are you a new start up? 

Perhaps you only need to fill a vehicle requirement for a few months and are reluctant to commit to a long term contract?

Maybe you're taking on new staff and would like to minimise your exposure should things not work out for either party?

Or is your level of vehicle usage and turnover is subject to seasonal fluctuations?

In each of these cases, a short term business lease may make perfect sense when choosing your next company vehicle.

View just some of our short term lease deals.

What are the advantages to choosing a short term lease?


  • Far cheaper than frequent daily hire costs

  • Fixed monthly payments

  • Manufacturers warranty included

  • Nationwide UK delivery available

  • No ongoing commitment
  • Minimum financial risk
  • Low / no maintenance costs 

In uncertain economic times, a short term lease may be exactly what your business needs to continue to grow while minimising risk.

For more information on how a short term lease could benefit your business, call us today, or view some of our short term lease deals here.



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