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The Benefits of car leasing for businesses

Published on 12th Apr 2019

Purchasing vehicles for the majority or just a handful of employees is often accepted as an inevitable expenditure. However, there is an alternative which is rapidly gaining a name for being incredibly popular amongst UK companies. This alternative is car leasing- available from us at My Big Green Fleet- and is offers various advantages over buying that many businesses can benefit from.

But, what exactly are the benefits of car leasing for Welsh businesses?

Cars only depreciate in value

Renting property can often be viewed as a waste of money, though cars only depreciate in value and so you will never get your investment back when you eventually get around to upgrading. On average, monthly lease payments are between 35% and 55% cheaper than repayments on a car loan. Plus, we at My Big Green Fleet only accept a small deposit on each vehicle, giving you more choices according to your budget.

Maintenance costs are covered

The more vehicles your business owns, the higher the overall cost of maintenance will be. However, our manufacturing warranty covers these costs for the duration of your lease, ensuring that issues are guaranteed to be sorted without any additional expense. You can also opt for a servicing contract, which is designed to cover the costs of vehicle servicing and tyres which are usual expenses for businesses who utilise vehicles.

Smaller capital outlay

Purchasing vehicles for a business can require quite a hefty initial expenditure, though this is not the case when your company leases. As previously mentioned, this is due to the smaller required deposit. We at My Big Green Fleet understand how important it is for new or smaller companies to keep costs low, and so we offer smaller up-front expenses for companies to lease brand new motors within our fleet.

Take advantage of the latest technology

As car leases are usually arranged for short, fixed periods, our clients are able to upgrade their fleets on a regular basis. We’ve found that fuel economy is particularly important to businesses, and this is a particular area which is constantly being improved. If you regularly upgrade your fleet, you can guarantee that you aren’t spending more than necessary fuel costs.

Additionally, safety is a key thing for businesses to consider whilst looking for vehicles. Again, this is something that is always being advanced in modern cars. Although you may not have considered technologically advanced vehicles for your business, it is just one of the many merits that car leasing has to offer.

Are you a business looking for an excellent car leasing deal in South Wales? We at My Big Green Fleet have numerous business hire contract available to our customers, be sure to check them out on our website.


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