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My Big Green Fleet working with R McGee Insurance

Published on 6th Apr 2020

As a vehicle leasing and commercial van supplier it is important that we have partners we can trust and recommend to our clients with confidence.

Having the correct insurance for your vehicles is critical for your business to ensure you have the relevant cover for all products and services within your business.

R McGee, professional independent insurance brokers who have been serving individuals and businesses with quality cover since 1974.

Their service goes beyond a quote online and offers a selection of feasible, relevant policies depending on the client’s circumstances alongside clear guidance on why they are suitable, and what preventative measures can be taken to avoid a claim.

You’ll find them close by and on hand if you do need to make a claim, with a personal service that’s available not just when you come to renew, but all year round.


A fleet of vehicles can give any business the mobility and flexibility they need every day, and it’s important that any insurance in place is able to move with it. This is why motor fleet insurance is the sensible choice for commercial clients who have three or more vehicles, whether they’re cars, vans or trucks.

This popular policy allows for multiple drivers per vehicle, and not only offers a much simpler approach to insuring all commercial vehicles by insuring them under one policy, but could potentially save money as well.

The team at R McGee take the greatest of care to ensure that the protection of your fleet can be easily managed, with the same level of cover as if each had been individually covered.

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