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GreenTrack GPS

We are dedicated to improving your business through the development of pioneering telematic solutions. No fleet is too large or too small: we have a range of solutions suitable for every type of business and to meet the specific challenges of your organisation. We can tailor our solutions to tackle your challenges head on, making sure that you get only the information you need and the most crucial KPI's without data overload.

Through utilising live driver feedback and driver behaviour monitoring, it will accurately pinpoint where fuel is being wasted via fleet trends. By having a wealth of reports available that precisely measure aspects of driving that have a direct effect on fuel consumption, such as: Harsh braking, Over revving between gears, harsh cornering and accelerating too quickly. 

Our vehicle tracking systems will become an integral part of running your business....

  • Potential to reduce insurance premiums
  • Reduce fuel costs (average between 15%-20%)
  • Reduce overtime claims
  • Stop unauthorised use of company vehicles
  • Improve customer service
  • More efficient administration
  • Better route planning 
  • Dashcams and 4G streaming cameras
  • Connected care, highlighting potential issues before breakdown
  • Automated reporting (timesheets etc)
  • View your vehicle fleet from any phone/pc

Do you run grey fleet within your business with payroll spending time doing mileage expenses for staff, by introducing telematic solutions we can help your business automate that process, provide a duty of care for these drivers and eliminate any mileage miscalculations that can cost businesses thousands of pounds ever year. 

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