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Top 10 money-saving car leasing tips

There are numerous appeals to leasing a car, the obvious one being that monthly payments are considerably less than financing a newly purchased vehicle. Additionally, by hiring a car instead of buying, you are effectively minimising the down payment and guaranteeing yourself a new vehicle. This ultimately puts you in the position of driving a newer car for a fraction of the price. Whilst there are benefits to this scenario, like anything, there are also numerous pitfalls. However, our top tips below can help you on the right road to leasing a vehicle. In order to drive a good deal, you should:

1. Never be afraid of negotiating a price. Perhaps begin by searching for a car to buy, and if you come across a better leasing deal then explore your options. After all, leasing is a form of financing a vehicle, and we at My Big Green Fleet are sure to be able to advise you on the correct option for you.

2. You should ensure that you explore mileage, down payment, and purchase-option prices. Remember the same applies with a loan, the more you put down, the less your finance charges are likely to be with car leasing.

3. In order to get the best from your money, you should perhaps look for cars which don’t depreciate faster than others. This will ensure that you are paying the minimal amount of monthly payments as possible.

4. If you suspect that you will run over the expected miles, you should buy extra ones up front. If you happen to have unused miles at the end of the lease, then you are likely to have the money returned to you. Any mileage overage will come at an increased rate.

5.Whilst leasing isn’t for everyone, it can sure save some money for those who prize being in a new vehicle without fixed ownership costs. If you don’t have the capacity to make regular finance payments, leasing is a simple and quick way of travelling without entering a fixed contract.

If you are looking to lease a vehicle, be sure to take a look at our options at, Whilst leasing isn’t for everyone, our friendly and professional staff are guaranteed to talk you through your options and arrange the best deals according to your lifestyle/budget.

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Posted on 22nd August 2017 at 4:40 PM

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