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The Car is the Star!

Working in the car leasing industry, it’s fair to say that every now and again, we like a little bit of glamour and excitement. Cars – and vans – are our bread and butter, and we take pride in matching our customers with the right With the release of the latest James Bond coming up later this month, starring the Aston Martin DB10 (alongside Daniel Craig, of course), we look at 5 of the best cars (in our opinion) to feature on film.

You’re only s’posed to blow the b****y doors off... Just as memorable as the quote is the Mini Cooper which achieved iconic status through its starring role in The Italian Job (1969). After starring in possibly the greatest car chase of all time, through a gridlocked Turin, the red white and blue cars were scrapped and returned to England in boxes of bits. There is a happy ending though, as an English mini fanatic obtained the boxes and with advice from Michael Caine himself, has restored these cars to their former glory.

The Spy Who Loved - the Lotus Elite... A different Bond and a different era, Roger Moore lucked out as far as an Aston Martin was concerned in the Spy Who Loved Me (1977), but then, he was unlikely to complain with a Lotus Elite that could go underwater and fire surface to air missiles...

Chicken tikka... You might not realise that Yello’s instantly recognisable theme tune to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) didn’t actually include the lyrics ‘chicken tikka’ but you won’t have forgotten the fabulous Ferrari 250 GT California that transported Ferris away from suburbia to the city for his day off. In fact, the only genuine Ferrari shots were of the interior of the car; it was too expensive to actually drive them for the film making. Instead, lookalike Modena Spyders were used.

Back to the Delorean? Not sure we would have chosen a Delorean DMC 12 to head Back to the Future (1985) in but it certainly worked for Michael J Fox. And while other unsuccessful cars drift into oblivion, the Delorean’s role as nuclear-powered time machine certainly assured its place in celluloid history. Apparently the frequent unreliability of the Delorean as time machine resonated with those who’d owned a Delorean in the first place!

Not all ‘birds’ can fly – and certainly not the Ford Thunderbird that ultimately propelled Thelma and Louise (Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon) to ‘freedom’ in the ultimate girls road trip movie. The 1966 T bird convertible was, however, the perfect car for the disillusioned pair to escape their demons, real and imagined, and even helped them, allowing the pair to escape the cops under a low bridge.

Only 5 films and 5 cars – so hard to choose.

Which 5 ‘film’ cars are your favourites? And if this leaves you craving new wheels, well why not check out the latest deals we have on car and van leasing in South Wales. It might not be an Aston, nor come with a licence to kill, but new wheels are always a good thing, and our cheap car leasing options give you the means to have some!

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Posted on 16th October 2015 at 2:36 PM

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