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Plan your Christmas fleet availability now!

If you haven't already done so, and your business is in retail or relies on delivery operations, you need to make sure you have your fleet requirements for the Christmas period organised to ensure sufficient capacity at this busy time. While this may mean sourcing additional vehicles on a temporary basis to keep up with demand, it’s also a good reason to take stock of your existing fleet and your van leasing requirements.

Not even Halloween as we write and yet already there’s a hint of Christmas to the adverts on TV, and across the internet. If you’re running any kind of delivery operation, though, ensuring your logistics are in place to manage the pre-Christmas scrum to get everything out to customers on time is vital, so that the festive season doesn’t turn into a nightmare. Last year, online sales broke through the £100bn barrier. This 14% growth in the online retail market was in part due to Christmas ‘run up’ events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Another contributing factor is the increase in use of ‘click and collect’ services: customers shop online and then collect from a pre-determined point. This requires additional products to be delivered to these pick up points.

While the increase in spending is great for the economy as a whole, anyone running a delivery operation – or relying on one – has to make sure that the pre-Christmas spike can be catered for. With more people shopping online, customer expectation of quick delivery means there is huge pressure to get goods delivered efficiently.

Last year, some of the major retailers were hit with criticism when their operations couldn’t cope with the pressure the surge in sales put on their delivery networks. Coupled with the implosion of City Link, this did not make for a happy time.

Although there are a wide variety of commercial vehicles on the market, the introduction of light commercial vehicles has led to an overall downturn in production with the result that there are fewer vans available overall in the rental industry.

Our advice is to take some time now to look at your existing fleet and plan ahead. Do you have sufficient vehicles to ensure that you can offer a streamlined and efficient delivery service through this peak sales period? Are you vans in good condition? Van leasing offers a cheap and effective way to keep your commercial fleet up to date and on the road. Once you’ve audited your existing fleet and examined sales forecasts, you will be able to establish what – if anything – you need in terms of additional vehicles in order for you and your customers to have a happy Christmas.

Whether it’s help auditing your existing van leasing requirements as part of preparing for the Christmas period, or you are considering your fleet options for the longer term, our customer service team are here to help. We not only lease vans but can work alongside your fleet management team to offer ongoing support. Why not give us a call on 0845 163 41 41 and find out how My Big Green Fleet can offer you great deals on cheap van leasing, and help keep your business on the road throughout the year.

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Posted on 16th October 2015 at 11:55 AM

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