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15 Top Summer Driving Tips

Managing a fleet of commercial vehicles or driving for pleasure? Summer brings certain challenges to the driver that it’s worth being aware of, whether you need to update a company driver risk assessment, or simply make sure that your weekend drive is enjoyable. Here are 15 top summer driving tips to make your warm weather driving safer and more enjoyable.

 •Check your tyre pressure regularly: high temperatures aggravate damage to your tyres, and if they aren’t at the correct pressure, it will cause friction and more heat which can increase the risk of punctures. Check the tyres on your trailers too if applicable.
•Anticipate cooling system problems by checking to coolant level, hoses and the cooling fan (run the vehicle to normal temperature and allow the engine to idle – the fan should automatically cut in at between 5-10 minutes)

Fuel efficiency

•Open windows and low tyre pressures can cause drag and reduce fuel efficiency. Use air conditioning (only start this once doors and windows are closed) or air vents if possible.
•If you are transporting goods on the roof of your vehicle, load it as low as possible and wrap tightly in plastic sheeting to prevent drag. If you’re going on holiday, a roof box is a better option (remove once you arrive at your destination to save fuel on day trips).

•Make sure the medication you (or your drivers) take doesn’t cause drowsiness. In severe cases, you may need to consider whether someone else should drive.
•Keeping windows and air vents closed, and regularly vacuum the interior of your car to keep pollen out. •If not already fitted, check if pollen filters are available for your vehicle.
•Keep tissues to hand, and if you feel yourself about to sneeze, slow down and drop back.

Fire hazards

•Smokers should be especially vigilant in hot weather to ensure discarded cigarette butts don’t set fire to verges and embankments.

Tractors & rural roads
•Keep plenty of distance behind a tractor, and take care if contemplating overtaking.
•Don't park in gateways or passing places •Drive carefully after rain – dry mud can turn roads into a skidpan after a downpour

•Keep a clean and unscratched pair of sunglasses handy
•Avoid lenses which darken in strong sunlight – the windscreen filters out UV light so the glasses will change only slowly.
•Keep the windscreen clean to remove smears that catch sunlight and impair vision. Worn or damaged wiper blades can also be problematic so make sure you replace these.

Have a great summer – and if you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle before you go on holiday, why not get in touch and find out about our great car leasing deals and personal contract hire in south Wales.

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Posted on 17th July 2015 at 3:49 PM

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